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Carpool Information

Each school year, TPNS families have the opportunity to participate in carpooling to preschool each week. Participating in a carpool is encouraged, but not mandatory. Each carpool team consists of four families. Each family will be responsible for their one workday per week at preschool. On your preschool workday, it is your responsibility to drive your carpool preschoolers to and from school. The number of car seats that safely fit in each car will determine the number of driving days per family. Each carpool team will determine the driving arrangements with guidance from the Carpool Team Chairperson. You may drive four children to school on your workday or you may drive two children, two days a week -- it will depend on how many children your car can safely seat. You may choose to drive your child every day, but on your participation day we encourage you to work with your team to make your carpool run smoothly.

How does TPNS strive to provide for your child’s safety?

  • Every parent who drives is required to submit a copy of a state-issued Driving Record. Please note: Certain driving infractions appearing on a driving record will preclude the ability to transport children, other than one’s own child, in conjunction with Tahoe Parents Nursery School activities. Items such as fix-it tickets that have been corrected are not problematic however items such as DUI and other infractions representing driving dangerously appearing on a driving record, regardless of date of the occurrence, will negate permission for driving children other than one’s own in the care of Tahoe Parents Nursery School.
  • Every parent driving in carpool must provide a copy of a state-issued Driver’s License.
  • Each family must provide proof of insurance for the vehicle they use. Proof of insurance must be held current to continue driving carpool.
  • Each car is safety inspected (seat belts, tires, horn, lights, breaks, etc.).

Benefits of a Carpool

  • Child’s Independence & Confidence: Your child is given the opportunity to develop their independence from their parents in a safe and controlled situation.
  • Camaraderie: The children in a carpool develop strong friendships and develop a bond that makes transitioning into the classroom easier.
  • Connections: Your child has a connection to a parent they know each day they are at school. Language,
  • Conversations and Friendships: Some of the funniest stories come out of carpool conversations.
  • Adult Connections: Your carpool team will become one of your best TPNS resources, for play dates, ideas, friendships and support.
  • Economics: With the price of gas who needs to drive one child back and forth to school each day.
  • Time Saver: Our TPNS day is just two and a half hours long -- you can extend your time for all those fun things like work, laundry, vacuuming, etc., by carpooling.