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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cooperative preschool? A cooperative preschool is one in which all families play a part in the operation of the school. Families work together to create an environment that enhances their child's school experience. They play a role in decision-making, school upkeep and curriculum.

What is the cost of the program?Tuition is $130.00 per month per child. Additional costs will be incurred for snacks, cooking table items, etc.

How old does a child have to be to attend TPNS? Your child has to be three years old by December 2nd to attend school in September.

What happens if I can't work on my designated work day? Part of our cooperative requirements is working one day a week at preschool. However, we understand that you or your child may be sick or may need to get some help every once in a while. You may trade days with another family or hire another TPNS parent to work for you. If you hire another TPNS parent you pay them $20.00 to work your day at TPNS or $25.00 to drive your carpool and work.

What if I don't want to participate in a carpool? We encourage families to carpool but it is not mandatory.

What if I have to miss a Monday night parent education meeting? You can schedule a make-up with a director. What if my schedule does not allow me to attend the Monday night parent education meetings? Monday night meetings are required as a part of this program.

Must my child be immunized before entering TPNS? Your child must meet all California immunization requirements before the first day of school. See for the complete list.

Can I bring my newborn to the Monday night parent education meetings? Babies under 6 months can be brought to Monday night meetings.

What is the policy on maternity leave? Once you have worked for 3 months at TPNS your family may take a 4-week maternity leave utilizing other families to cover your workday.

What about snow day closures? TPNS follows the Lake Tahoe Unified School District snow day closures for public schools and the Lake Tahoe Community College closures for the Monday night parent education meetings.

What if I don't fulfill my fundraising or maintenance obligations? Not fulfilling your commitments may jeopardize your continued participation in the program.

What is your affiliation with Lake Tahoe Community College? We are a part of the Lake Tahoe Community College's Early Childhood Education Program.

Can siblings attend TPNS on my designated workday? No, our space and licensing regulations prevent this. If you have additional questions, please contact us.