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Tahoe Parents

Nursery School

                     Lic # 093610482

Tahoe Parents Nursery School contributes to this community and to society by graduating well-adjusted and well-prepared students into the school district, as well as committed and skilled parents who remain involved throughout their child’s entire education. Over the years, TPNS parents have gone on to run most of our local PTA’s and PTO’s. TPNS alumni remain involved in giving back to the community: they are the coaches, teacher’s aides and booster club presidents. Many former students return to TPNS with their own children.

Original Potato Salad Recipe

by the Founding TPNS Moms

10 lbs. potatoes
1 medium onion
1 qt. mayonnaise
½ cup mustard
1 cup sweet pickle relish
1 T. onion salt
1 T. celery salt
1 T. pepper
¼ cup white vinegar

Cook potatoes thoroughly; cool and peel. Dice onion and potatoes; set aside.
Mix all other ingredients together. Blend together with potatoes and onions.
Makes enough for a class of preschoolers!

Over the last 60 years, TPNS has changed with the times. Not only do we have a group of highly involved moms, but the dads are right in there too. Originally affiliated with the Lake Tahoe Unified School District, the school is now under the auspices of Lake Tahoe Community College. With that move, came a new location for the school from Meyers Elementary to its current home on the
campus of the Al Tahoe Learning Center.

History of TPNS

In January 1958, 10 local moms dreamed of a place for their preschoolers to find companionship and a quality education. After eight months of fundraising, including a fashion show and supplying a local market with potato salad, they had raised the money for rent, completed the paperwork to
become a nonprofit organization, met the state requirements for an educational facility and had 26 children ready for school. Tahoe Parents Nursery School was the only early education facility offered at the time and is still the only cooperative preschool program in South Lake Tahoe.