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Tahoe Parents

Nursery School

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Our parent education program plays an integral role in the development of our family’s parenting skills. The Early Childhood Education class enhances and supports our unique program, designed to provide your family with new insights in parenting and the opportunity to share your own parenting experiences with other families.

Tahoe Parents Nursery School is a public non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. As a part of the Early Childhood Education program of Lake Tahoe Community College, our parent enrollment helps support our school funding. We also rely on the support of our families and community to help make our preschool a success both financially and academically. These cooperative efforts, along with common aspirations for our children to grow and be nurtured in a loving environment, are the foundation of our school and what unites our families.

We believe that a play-based curriculum is the most appropriate and effective preparation for young children to meet these standards and develop socially and emotionally. Current research has shown that play provides children with a greater understanding of the world around them and builds a foundation for a life-long love of learning. At TPNS, our goal is to create an environment that supports and enhances children’s play and instruct parents in ways to actively engage with children while honoring each child’s individual skills and abilities.

Preschoolers learning should take place in an atmosphere that fosters play, individuality and acceptance. Parents should have the opportunity to share the preschool experience with their children. Cooperative education should embrace and support the spirit of the surrounding community. The Tahoe Parents Nursery School (TPNS) program incorporates developmentally appropriate practices, in accordance with the California State Standards for Preschool.

Our philosophy is simple - "together we’re better". For more than 55 years, Tahoe Parents Nursery School has been cultivating a spirit of community and emphasizing cooperation, sharing, and forming friendships for our children. We believe: Offering a stimulating educational environment rich in music, art, language, literacy, science, dramatic play, motor skills, and outdoor activities will encourage physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skill growth within our children.