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Tahoe Parents

Nursery School

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Daily Schedule

The essence of Tahoe Parents Nursery School is our families -- they desire to be a part of a cooperative program committed to a whole-family approach to learning. For the parents of our preschoolers, this means you will be involved in all aspects of your child’s education from the start. For our preschoolers, it simply means fun and learning at its best, in a loving environment!

Hours of Operation Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 11:45am, Mid-September to early June, holidays and vacations coinciding with the Lake Tahoe Unified School District calendar.  

Preschool Daily Schedule

  • 9:15-9:40, Circle Time: Children are divided into two groups according to carpool or age. The enrichment, music and movement activities are led by the two directors.
  • 9:40-10:30, Activity Time: Parents guide activities in the following areas: art, block, science, dramatic play and cooking. Children are free to experience any or all activities.
  • The block area gives our children a chance to develop and expand their large and small motor skills. Building a city with roads and bridges develops their cognitive skills as well. By adding cars, people, and animals they stimulate not only these skills but their imaginations, their social skills and their creativity. Bean bags, musical instruments, doll houses, fire stations and farms are just a few of the items that enhance the play in the block area.
  • Spreading cream cheese, grating cheese and following simple picture recipes are just of few of the fun and delicious activities that take place daily at our cooking table. The children are taught health and safety techniques and are encouraged to try new foods; it is also a wonderful place to build social skills while you sit, eat and visit.
  • The science area is a fun and exciting place for all our preschoolers. Their enthusiasm for learning is contagious as they explore volcanoes, insects, planting beans, hatching baby chicks and even watching icicles melt into dirty water. Everything is science at this age and it’s a great place to build vocabulary and enhance language skills.
  • Our art area is a center of color, textures and creativity. Children are given a chance to explore all sorts of media from paints and play dough to shaving cream colored with liquid water colors. Process and experimentation are the guiding principles as children develop their fine motor skills in a creative and fun setting.
  • Princesses and policemen, post offices and flower shops are all things that can be seen on any given day in our dramatic play area. Here our children try out different roles, different personalities and build their social skills. We create grocery stores and pizza parlors to encourage language and literacy skills, taking orders and making lists encourage the children to build these skills.
  • 10:00-10:30, Outside Time: Weather permitting, children may choose to play outside.
  • 10:30-10:40, Fine Motor: Children are divided into groups for a fine motor skill activity.
  • 10:40-10:55, Snack Time: The children remain in the same groups for snack time.
  • 10:55-11:00, Music Time: Singing is led by the directors in the art room for all the children.
  • 11:00-11:30, Outside Time: All children play outside. Parents help supervise outside areas.
  • 11:30-11:45, Final Circle Time: Children return to their circle time groups where directors lead a closing story and a goodbye song.