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Mount And Blade Morale Cheat

  • Before becoming very, very rich or a master of diplomacy using Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord's console commands and cheats, you first have to enable them. Luckily, the process isn't at all difficult.All you need to do in order to bring up the in-game console is press Alt + `(tilde). Then, input the config.cheat_mode 1 command to enable console commands. Should you want to disable them, input the command again, but replace the 1 with a 0.Below, you'll find a handful of useful Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord console commands and cheats, as spotted by Sjurdur on Steam. Do note that adding "help" or "?" at the end of each command gives more details about it or a full list of items.campaign.give_item_to_main_party [ItemName] [Amount] - Grants specified items

  • campaign.give_troops [TroopId] [Number] - Grants specified troops

  • campaign.add_gold_to_hero [Number] [HeroName] Grants specified gold amount to specified character or 1000 gold to you by default

  • campaign.add_focus_points_to_hero [Number] [HeroName] - Grants specified number of focus points to specified character or you by default

  • campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero [Number] [HeroName] - Grants number of attribute points to specified character or you by default

  • campaign.set_all_skills_main_hero [Value] - Sets all of your characters skills to specified value

  • campaign.set_skills_of_hero [Level] [HeroName] - Sets all of the specified character's skills to specified level

  • campaign.set_skill_main_hero [LevelValue] [SkillName] - Sets your character's named skills to specified value

  • campaign.add_influence [Number] - Grants specified amount of influence

  • campaign.set_skill_companion [LevelValue] [SkillName] - Sets named skill of all your companions to specified value

  • campaign.give_troops_xp [Number] - Gives specified amount of experience to all your troops

  • campaign.add_companion - Grants a companion with 0 in all stats

  • campaign.add_crafting_materials - Grants 100 of each crafting material to party

  • campaign.add_renown [Number] [ClanName] - Gives specified amount of renown to named clan, or yours by default

  • campaign.ai_siege_settlement [HeroName] [SettlementName] - Forces AI to attack specified settlement

  • campaign.declare_war [Faction1] [Faction2] - Specified factions declare war on each other. Factions should be separated by a space but individual names should have no spaces in them

  • campaign.start_world_war - Self-explanatory, but maybe not ideal if you're looking for a balanced playthrough

  • campaign.add_progress_to_current_building [SettlementName] [0-100] - Sets progress of building project in specified town to specified level

  • campaign.add_gold_to_all_heroes [Number] - Gives everyone the specified amount of gold

  • campaign.take_hero_prisoner [PrisonerName] [CaptorName] - Enables you do decide who captures who. Characters with multiple names should have them separated by underscore(s).

  • campaign.change_clan_leader [Clan Name] - Changes specified clan's leader to a random character

  • campaign.ai_goto_settlement [HeroName] [SettlementName] - Prompts specified AI character to move in the direction of specified settlement

Additionally, the Bannerlord Cheats mod is another potential choice for anyone looking to bend the rules during your time in Calradia. It's more susceptible to being broken by TaleWorlds' official updates but its cheats are easier to access once installed and offer additional options to those in the list above.We're keeping an eye out and will update this list with any new entries as soon as we spot them. Have you found any other working Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord console commands or cheats? Let us know in the comments below so we can spread the word.Keep updated on the latest PC Gaming news by following GameWatcher on Twitter, checking out our videos on YouTube, giving us a like on Facebook, and joining us on Discord.Related Games: Mount & Blade 2: BannerlordAbout Bogdan Robert MateșWhen not brewing coffee or debating serious topics with my cat, you'll either find me playing video games or writing about them.

Mount And Blade Morale Cheat



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