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Practice 9 5 Dilations ((TOP))

Current efforts to restrict D&E adhere closely to the "partial-birth" abortion ban playbook. As of mid-February, seven states have enacted laws essentially banning D&E; four of the bans are currently not in effect while litigation against them proceeds and a fifth is scheduled to go into effect in August.8 The bills enacted so far, as well as the federal bill introduced in 2015, follow model legislation crafted by National Right to Life. They include only very limited exceptions. In addition, while they appear to target procedures in which surgical instruments are used prior to suction, the bills do not use precise medical terminology. Rather, they employ inflammatory rhetoric designed to arouse antiabortion sentiment (for example, referring to the banned procedure as "dismemberment abortion") and leave providers with the difficult task of figuring out how to amend their practice to comply with ideological restrictions that are not grounded in science.

practice 9 5 dilations


Understanding these risks does not diminish the complications but allows the patient and physician to engage in shared-decision making. Abortion is a controversial topic; physicians and their staff must be aware of legal implications where they practice as well as discuss any ethical dilemmas that the physician and staff may face. These discussions should be held well in advance of any patient care, and no one should be asked to participate in any patient encounter if they are not comfortable with the care being provided. This is where interprofessional communication and collaboration in D&C cases are essential, both for the patient's benefit and the members of the healthcare team. [Level 5] 076b4e4f54


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