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About Us

Together we're better since 1958


In January 1958, 10 local moms dreamed of a place for their preschoolers to find companionship and a quality education. After eight months of fundraising they completed the paperwork to become a nonprofit organization, met the state requirements for an educational facility and had 26 children ready for school.


Tahoe Parents Nursery School was the only early education facility offered at the time and is still the only cooperative preschool program in South Lake Tahoe. 



Tahoe Parents Nursery School has embraced the philosophy of “Together We’re Better” for 63 years and would like to invite families to become part of this tradition.


TPNS is a parent participation preschool designed to enhance students’ physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Parent education is an equally important part of the program, with parents earning Early Childhood Education credit through Lake Tahoe Community College.


TPNS children learn in a relaxed environment that emphasizes cooperation, sharing and forming friendships. The students have the time and space to grow surrounded by caring adults. Parents spend one day each week in the classroom. The hands-on curriculum offers language, literature, motor skills, music, science, art and cooking.

Watch the Video to Hear Teacher Jen Describe TPNS Ins and Outs

The Famous TPNS
Potato Salad

After eight months of fundraising, including a fashion show and supplying a local market with potato salad, the original 10 moms had raised the money for rent, completed the paperwork to become a nonprofit organization.



Original Potato Salad Recipe 

by the Founding TPNS Moms

10 lbs. potatoes
1 medium onion
1 qt. mayonnaise
½ cup mustard
1 cup sweet pickle relish
1 T. onion salt
1 T. celery salt
1 T. pepper
¼ cup white vinegar

Cook potatoes thoroughly; cool and peel. Dice onion and potatoes; set aside.
Mix all other ingredients together. Blend together with potatoes and onions.
Makes enough for a class of preschoolers!

Health & Safety

For children: children must meet immunization requirements prior to enrollment. For more information please visit:


        For parents: As parents are an integral part of TPNS, daily visual wellness health checks are ongoing throughout the school year for the parent and the child. 


Regarding COVID-19: As COVID-19 guidance is governed by many agencies, including LTCC - Risk Management Team, Community Care Licensing through CA Dept of Social Services (CDSS), CA Department of Public Health (CDPH - El Dorado County), and CED (Center for Disease Control), guidelines change and we provide updates to our policies accordingly. Joint guidance and best practices, regarding social and physical distancing, enable providers to prevent exposure to COVID-19 while providing care for children.


Tahoe Parents Nursery School enriches the lives of families through a cooperative preschool that is enhanced by a parent education program. The school offers a developmentally appropriate early childhood education in an environment rich with music, movement and art. The program teaches and models appropriate parenting skills and offers a spirit of community to our families.

Our Mission Statement

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